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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Omg...Halloween Special!!

So I slaved over my computer for 3 hours to make this...Its pretty bad but its my first time Making/Editing videos on my laptop(Windows Vista>__< {Saving for a Mac!}). Sooo here is what all you guys have been waiting for...HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!!

Directed and Edited by Me(:
Actors: Sarah, Maddy, and Pumpkins!!
Sorry about the Pinnacle thing it won't let me take it out.
So...the most amazing video you ever seen RIGHT? :P haha
Here are some photos from the pumpkin photo shoot!
Yummy!! XP

My friends pumpkin is super happy(:

My pumpkin...Slightly Deformed.

So pleasant right!!

Black and white version of my deformed pumpkin..YAAY!

The scene! Candles are very scary to work with! Haha.

My friend taking some pictures of the pumpkins.

Everyone Have a super fun Halloween filled with some scares and some candy. But please keep safe and don't be to stupid!! I'll try to take some photos for the blog tonight but I can't make any promises because I'm going to be super busy...and so for all you people who actually read this. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN?!?!...I'm a pirate hehe(:


  1. I'm dressed up as a University stuck at home studying for exams.

    Worst. Costume. Ever.

  2. cool video, looks like you had fun

  3. Now that is truly a treat!!! So impressed with your video skills!!!

  4. I was a plague doctor. Nice pumpkins.

  5. Awesome videooooo :'D

    I was myself, with a mustache. A sexy, sexy mustache.