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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My collection of Amateur After Rainy Day photos!

Today I went out around my complex and took some after rains photos. Here are some of the good ones if you wanna see the rest check out my Flickr.  
My inspiration to take these photos today were half boredom and half wanted to look around after the rains. My favorite photo out of the batch would have to be Bird of Paradise Goo. Give me your opinions on your favorite and and helpful hints for next time I would love your advice.

Bird Of Paradise Goo!
I took this photo while standing in mud and wet plants. I just loved how the goo looked haha!

 Brick Wall!
I like how the plants surround the Brick wall in this photo.

At first I just took this photo for fun and never intended it to come out decent. Well I might be a little conceded when I say decent but hey give me your opinions on this photo! 


  1. I love the goo too
    Your photos are sharp :)

  2. That rainbow goo picture is radddd. Haha go Maddy, keep it up, get creative :P

  3. I'm scared to ask what that goo really is. XD