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Monday, November 1, 2010


The day after Halloween...I think it should be a holiday because NO kid wants to go to school the day after Halloween. Also I'm pretty sure that adults feel the same way. I know I didn't wanna go to school..not at all and my teachers they didn't even try to teach today because they knew that all the students are not gunna pay attention to what they have to say because they are to tired to even function. So I call out to Obama and ask ..Can you make the day after Halloween a holiday...you can call it Post-Halloween be a lazy ass and do nothing day! Hey maybe cover it up and make it like Cat-Furball awareness day just as long as we get out of school. Please and Thank you(:
  Oh and now some photos for your entertainment!!
Pandora Plants!! Still don't know the name of these things but I love them!!...also to lazy to look them up to figure out their real name. :P

I walked threw that pathway...and managed not to get muddy..GO ME!!

Meet the most chillest cat ever..My cat Otro or Gimpy(She has a chicken wing arm but she is still beastly :P)