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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Sorry.

I am sorry I haven't posted a post in two days have been very busy with school and other activities. My computer is acting stupid so the photos I took won't upload to the computer...still...So for this post I guess I will post something random. I have been meaning to do this for the week I have own my blog haha. Oh this weekend I'm HOPEFULLY going to have a Halloween themed post I'm gunna try to get it up Sunday morning for you guys!! Any ideas of what I should to just comment me below!!

So I was Google Imaging around and I came across this photo and I thought it was a pretty sick picture so I decided to post it for this Blog.
Yah I think I stared at it for like 5 minutes. It is such a weird picture. It makes me think...How do artist come up with these weird pictures..Hey I'm gunna draw a hand that has many eyes on it and the hand isn't going to have skin either I shall draw the muscles and ect. And yes I already know everyone's opinion They on druggsss!?!?!?!?! As I go threw the rest of the photos posted on Google I'm sorta agreeing with you....I think they are haha!!


  1. this reminds me of that movie pan's labyrinth, if you havent seen it check it out you'd like it if you like creepy imagery like this

  2. that is so creepy pasta that it ruined my facial expression when i saw how dark it was but i turned on the light and here we are what? :)

  3. Don't worry about not posting.

    I'm taking all of next week off due to midterms. =T