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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Political Stuff.

Ok, As everyone knows its voting season which means annoying commercials and news about the annoying commercials. Here is my opinion on all of this. ITS STUPID!! Come on people!! you don't need to rag on someone so their reputation is in the cr*p hole, BE NICE! you learned in kindergarten "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all." Wasn't it just a thing about bullying...well isn't this a form of bullying!! Seriously your spending thousands and thousands of dollars to bully some poor person who is just trying to run for a position in the government! Also on the subject of government..its time to get rid of your old traditions about Republicans and Democrats its the 21st century its time for some 21st century change like hmm..getting rid of these stupid parties they don't do us any good. We need changes to our society that includes some of the Democrats ideas and also some of the Republicans ideas so can we just GET ALONG!! For sake of our societies future...I just felt like this needed to be said...
P.s-Photo problem continues and I'll try to fix it by Halloween so I can put up my Halloween themed post. Republican  Why cant we be friends?  Democrat Lapel Pin  
Tag Halloween Party Wrought Iron Pumpkin Stand, 10.625" TallBoo!!


  1. At least you guys in the States are passionate about your politics. Everyone is apathetic in Canada.

  2. thats the billion dollar question right there

  3. We should stop wasting time fighting each other

  4. oh god but think of the abomination that would come from joining a donkey and an elephant together, IT JUST WOULDN'T BE HUMANE