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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Soo...I took some pictures today at this one sewer place and tried to upload them to the computer but it decided to be gay and upload only the bad pictures. So I was like oh great what am I going to post on my blog then I thought of something amazing!! Photobucket time!! I went a little crazy on some photos but here yah go the pictures that I attacked with Photobucket tell me your opinions on them haha.
I have no clue what these were but I thought they looked pretty cool.

Palm Tree stump. I laid down on the floor to take this picture!!

I actually sorta liked this picture.

Would of been a decent photo but the quality was bad and I was trying to take a picture of that bird I was literally running around the sewer place trying to get a photo.  When I finally did it was crappy quality....Stupid bird >_<

I think this was like a mini tree.

Hehe I had fun with the Heat-Map feature :P

The whitish ball looking thing in this photo was a tennis ball. I wanted to get it but when I walked up to it I realized it was in a moss filled water puddle...I decided not to pick it up haha.

Bronzified Photo.

I love color splash...I just love it(:
P.s I'll try to upload the other photos for tomorrow's post. I promise not to go all Photobucket crazy on them haha.


  1. where are all these places?! I don't know how you find them around here, but you do. i need to get out more haha :P

  2. i really like the first picture, it looks kind of psychedelic

  3. In the 5th pic that tree looks so lonely lol

  4. I think you should have took one of those things from the first picture, just to find out what the hell it is.

  5. that is one badass lawn mower. Mowin' on some 12"'s y'all