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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today was an amazing day.

Today my mom took me down to Laguna Beach. I use to live there when I was little and I went back to visit and go to this one park that I went to a lot. When I got there I forgot how beautiful the whole place is and it brought back such wonderful memories. Today was one of those days that reminds me of how beautiful life really is. I took 100 photos but I got my best 15 to put up today.
I always wanted to take one of these types of photos...well dream come true(:

I liked the way the wave hit the rock in this one.

Photo Creds go to my friend for taking this wonderful picture of me :P

Wave hitting rock=awesome!

I thought this looked sick...got a picture of a small wave right before it crashed (:

Surprisingly didn't get wet taking this picture haha.

Attack of the violent wave...muahahhahaha!!!

Reflections reflections reflections...aren't they great!!

I love how the wave is building in the background.

Lobster Shell....I named him Frankfort.

Above picture of the beach.

Pretty Pretty Sunset(:

Look very carefully you can see a surfer haha.

Love the sun rays in this photo.

Sunset <3
Over the week I might post more pictures from this wonderful day...


  1. you make me realize i need to get out of the city more

    that wave before it broke was pretty trippy, defying gravity trippy

  2. The first one totally made me think of jesus, lol
    I like them all though :)