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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Photos I forgot about!

So I was going threw my computer just for fun and I came across these photos and realized I totally forgot to put them up. So I decided for today's post I'll put them up for you guys. Tonight I'm going to the movies and going to be able to use my friends camera!! Hopefully I'll get some cool photos for tomorrows blog!
The parking area got super flooded that I literally took my shoes off and rolled up my jeans. The water got all the way to mid-shin it was crazy!!

If you look hard you can see my bike locked up next to the sign haha :P

I don't think I have to worry about the hot ashes haha


  1. Never rains that hard over where I live.

    Snow on the other hand...

  2. Newland St.? Keep it up, I'll be around.

  3. Wish it was raining over here :P it's so hot where I live

  4. they're all very desolate, i like them

  5. I just love the rain. Period. Full stop. =]