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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Omg...Halloween Special!!

So I slaved over my computer for 3 hours to make this...Its pretty bad but its my first time Making/Editing videos on my laptop(Windows Vista>__< {Saving for a Mac!}). Sooo here is what all you guys have been waiting for...HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!!

Directed and Edited by Me(:
Actors: Sarah, Maddy, and Pumpkins!!
Sorry about the Pinnacle thing it won't let me take it out.
So...the most amazing video you ever seen RIGHT? :P haha
Here are some photos from the pumpkin photo shoot!
Yummy!! XP

My friends pumpkin is super happy(:

My pumpkin...Slightly Deformed.

So pleasant right!!

Black and white version of my deformed pumpkin..YAAY!

The scene! Candles are very scary to work with! Haha.

My friend taking some pictures of the pumpkins.

Everyone Have a super fun Halloween filled with some scares and some candy. But please keep safe and don't be to stupid!! I'll try to take some photos for the blog tonight but I can't make any promises because I'm going to be super busy...and so for all you people who actually read this. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN?!?!...I'm a pirate hehe(:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lots Lots of Pictures!

Love this photo. Took it while walking on a bridge at sunset....one of the most beautiful sights ever...I wanted to stand there and take a gazillion photos but my friends were complaining that I was taking to long :/

See the leaves resemble normal...the pink flower resembles me(:

Laid down in yucky mud rock things to take this.

My backyard(:

The sun is sneaking in through the leaves haha.

I think I'm in love with sun rays and how they hit the camera.

I dare you to guess what this is a picture of.

The so called river.
     I have soooo many pictures I wanted to post today this weekend I got so many cool photos but I think I'll save them for the week when I'm lazy haha. Oh and my Halloween post looks like a good one!! Hmm I'll give you a preview.
I think carving pumpkins should be my full time job XP!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Second Post in one day this is how happy I am. Now the reason I am happy is because my father is letting me borrow his camera. It isn't that good but hey its still a CAMERA!! So I was so geeked up about it that I took some shots from inside my room!! Here they are...EEEEKKK!!!! (((((:
This one actually taken at my dads when I tested out the camera but I decided to put it in here still.

Love this guy. I got him in a McDonald's kids order. Then my friends and I decided to vandalize him. But I think he looks better with a awesome mustache anyways! XP 

My dad gave me this pumpkin and I thought it looked sorta cool.

The pumpkin creeps into the night...0_o..BEWARE!! ..Yah I'm weird I know...

Political Stuff.

Ok, As everyone knows its voting season which means annoying commercials and news about the annoying commercials. Here is my opinion on all of this. ITS STUPID!! Come on people!! you don't need to rag on someone so their reputation is in the cr*p hole, BE NICE! you learned in kindergarten "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all." Wasn't it just a thing about bullying...well isn't this a form of bullying!! Seriously your spending thousands and thousands of dollars to bully some poor person who is just trying to run for a position in the government! Also on the subject of government..its time to get rid of your old traditions about Republicans and Democrats its the 21st century its time for some 21st century change like hmm..getting rid of these stupid parties they don't do us any good. We need changes to our society that includes some of the Democrats ideas and also some of the Republicans ideas so can we just GET ALONG!! For sake of our societies future...I just felt like this needed to be said...
P.s-Photo problem continues and I'll try to fix it by Halloween so I can put up my Halloween themed post. Republican  Why cant we be friends?  Democrat Lapel Pin  
Tag Halloween Party Wrought Iron Pumpkin Stand, 10.625" TallBoo!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Sorry.

I am sorry I haven't posted a post in two days have been very busy with school and other activities. My computer is acting stupid so the photos I took won't upload to the computer...still...So for this post I guess I will post something random. I have been meaning to do this for the week I have own my blog haha. Oh this weekend I'm HOPEFULLY going to have a Halloween themed post I'm gunna try to get it up Sunday morning for you guys!! Any ideas of what I should to just comment me below!!

So I was Google Imaging around and I came across this photo and I thought it was a pretty sick picture so I decided to post it for this Blog.
Yah I think I stared at it for like 5 minutes. It is such a weird picture. It makes me think...How do artist come up with these weird pictures..Hey I'm gunna draw a hand that has many eyes on it and the hand isn't going to have skin either I shall draw the muscles and ect. And yes I already know everyone's opinion They on druggsss!?!?!?!?! As I go threw the rest of the photos posted on Google I'm sorta agreeing with you....I think they are haha!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Soo...I took some pictures today at this one sewer place and tried to upload them to the computer but it decided to be gay and upload only the bad pictures. So I was like oh great what am I going to post on my blog then I thought of something amazing!! Photobucket time!! I went a little crazy on some photos but here yah go the pictures that I attacked with Photobucket tell me your opinions on them haha.
I have no clue what these were but I thought they looked pretty cool.

Palm Tree stump. I laid down on the floor to take this picture!!

I actually sorta liked this picture.

Would of been a decent photo but the quality was bad and I was trying to take a picture of that bird I was literally running around the sewer place trying to get a photo.  When I finally did it was crappy quality....Stupid bird >_<

I think this was like a mini tree.

Hehe I had fun with the Heat-Map feature :P

The whitish ball looking thing in this photo was a tennis ball. I wanted to get it but when I walked up to it I realized it was in a moss filled water puddle...I decided not to pick it up haha.

Bronzified Photo.

I love color splash...I just love it(:
P.s I'll try to upload the other photos for tomorrow's post. I promise not to go all Photobucket crazy on them haha.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some Photos I forgot about!

So I was going threw my computer just for fun and I came across these photos and realized I totally forgot to put them up. So I decided for today's post I'll put them up for you guys. Tonight I'm going to the movies and going to be able to use my friends camera!! Hopefully I'll get some cool photos for tomorrows blog!
The parking area got super flooded that I literally took my shoes off and rolled up my jeans. The water got all the way to mid-shin it was crazy!!

If you look hard you can see my bike locked up next to the sign haha :P

I don't think I have to worry about the hot ashes haha

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ok my inspiration for this photo was pretty much I was bored out of my mind one day and my love for Color Splash...oh and maybe slight love for these random glasses I found :P. The best part was I took it off my phone!! Well pretty much all my photos are taken off my phone(Camera-Less saving up for a Nikon D-90<33!!) So comment and critique my work(:

P.s Sorry if I don't post a blog tomorrow SUUPAAHH busy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My collection of Amateur After Rainy Day photos!

Today I went out around my complex and took some after rains photos. Here are some of the good ones if you wanna see the rest check out my Flickr.  
My inspiration to take these photos today were half boredom and half wanted to look around after the rains. My favorite photo out of the batch would have to be Bird of Paradise Goo. Give me your opinions on your favorite and and helpful hints for next time I would love your advice.

Bird Of Paradise Goo!
I took this photo while standing in mud and wet plants. I just loved how the goo looked haha!

 Brick Wall!
I like how the plants surround the Brick wall in this photo.

At first I just took this photo for fun and never intended it to come out decent. Well I might be a little conceded when I say decent but hey give me your opinions on this photo! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picture of the week.

Picture of the Week
   I took this picture 10/19/10 around 6 o'clock. I rode my bike around town after it stopped raining to get some good after rain pictures. This picture to my opinion was the best picture I took. What I like most about this picture is how the clouds reflect off the rain. Have a nice day(:

P.s First blog post!!