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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I give up on titles...Tiger!

Soo...I have a phone that is Andriod Market capable which means I love spending my cold afternoons going through all these countless apps.Till I find one that catches my attention. Most likely a free one that involves twisting your photos out of porportion . Like the one I took here...not so much twisted but a little tweaked to make it look cool (:
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Sunday, November 28, 2010


So some might wanna know what I do in my free time....I either ponder on everyday miracles or solve Quantum Physics or most likley make creations like this!
....Yes that's mustard....(:

Hmm...I'm bad at making intriguing titles..

Sooo....Christmas is coming up I realized this when I walked into Target and they were shoving Christmas down my throat. Soo...I started to think what to get my friends...I had $20 in my pocket and was sitting in front of a craft store...so I let my imagination flow....this is what I thought of. :D
His name is Leroy...now I just need to make 17 more :P

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Stupid!!

Wellllllllll I'm a busy person I guess and haven't been able to get to the computer and lagging on this big time...I feel sooo bad it has been Thanksgiving break which means I have been even more busy. Oh and I have Strep Throat...I had it on Thanksgiving barley could eat anything...sucked big time!!
The eye is staring at you....

Very Japanese...
P.S--Just for you Oliver. My name is Maddy!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today was an amazing day.

Today my mom took me down to Laguna Beach. I use to live there when I was little and I went back to visit and go to this one park that I went to a lot. When I got there I forgot how beautiful the whole place is and it brought back such wonderful memories. Today was one of those days that reminds me of how beautiful life really is. I took 100 photos but I got my best 15 to put up today.
I always wanted to take one of these types of photos...well dream come true(:

I liked the way the wave hit the rock in this one.

Photo Creds go to my friend for taking this wonderful picture of me :P

Wave hitting rock=awesome!

I thought this looked sick...got a picture of a small wave right before it crashed (:

Surprisingly didn't get wet taking this picture haha.

Attack of the violent wave...muahahhahaha!!!

Reflections reflections reflections...aren't they great!!

I love how the wave is building in the background.

Lobster Shell....I named him Frankfort.

Above picture of the beach.

Pretty Pretty Sunset(:

Look very carefully you can see a surfer haha.

Love the sun rays in this photo.

Sunset <3
Over the week I might post more pictures from this wonderful day...


Yep I finally got it done...I totally forgot who requested it but I got it done(:
My foot got soo dirty from this place. Stepped in like a quick sand type thing and my whole shoe got like engulfed it was crazy I know.

This place was a really cool place to take photos actually I probably could of stayed there all day but my camera died and my friends were telling me to hurry up!

I love taking pictures of bridges they are so cool...yah I know I'm dorky :P

One of my favorite photos I ever taken. I just love it. <3

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bleep Bloop...

I haven't been posting a lot lately and I'm deeply sorry...Have been really busy and it sucks but I think I should go back to normal soon...like by Monday should be back to one a day post...but today I thought I'll make a decent post because I have some time. Here are some photos I took last night.

Can anyone explain why my water is green.....

Took this in a car going up a parking garage haha.

Cold Cold Cold...it was very cold...

Where I was when filming. It was cold...

The stairs were well lit...

Haha Ferris Wheel with no seats...kinda useless if you ask me.

Guess what we were doing in front of the arcade :P

I wanted to go inside but it was closed </3
  P.s...Sorry I haven't but up any of the ones that you gave me. I seriously found the perfect place to do shadows but I left my camera in the car...I'm cool....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fixed my computer

Fixed my computer. YAY!!
Really busy today so I will leave you with this ...yes I'm looking pretty fly I know.. :P

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I have been missing...

So I have told you that I moved which has caused more trouble then I thought...
I am serverly mad because...
-My ankle got messed up
-My computer broke down
-All I have eaten for the last 2 days was pizza.
I havent been in the greatest of moods for the last couple days and unable to read post and barley able to write post(this current post is being done on my phone). I'll try to put post up but its quite a hassle doing it on my phone if you wanna contact me because you can't handle not being able to read my fantastic posts everyday just e-mail me(my e-mail should be posted on the side) I'll check it on my phone(: hopefully my mom will take my computer in to get fixed as soon as possible.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Classroom Scribble

    This is a classroom scribble. I am writing this in my class. Wow what to write about...I can write about something sad or happy. Maybe I can write something meaningful or simple nonsense. I don't know yet I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.
    Writing based on Improv. is the best way to write, it makes it so there is no set thing I have to write about I can let my mind wonder. Doing this I think expands the mind and lets out the best of subjects. I love it even though I'm one of the worst writers who usually cringes at the thought.
    So still on the subject of what to write about I guess I'll start now.....
    English class....one of my least favorite classes...so boring and so tedious but yet I'm stuck with it. We are reading a boring story shes talking in a painful monotone voice. It kills me more and more every second her voice drones on. The clock seems to tick slower and slower knowing I'm waiting for its arms to reach 10:15. 10:15 my freedom time the time I can grab my bag and exit this dreadful class and escape its wrath until next time when the monotone voice and unpleasant reading takes me again. But until 10:15 I'm stuck....
    The Crucible is what we are reading...looks like a decent story but the teacher finds a way so that every student is fighting with all their might to keep their eyes open and their heads up. I find no reason to pay-attention...the thought of attempting to keep my mind focused on such a dull thing makes me cringe...so I move away from it and write this. The Classroom Scribble. The Improv..
    My teacher looks over the class. Scanning for kids who let their eyes fall or move to a new place. She looks at the trouble makers with more of a sharp eye to make sure they stay in line. Occasionally she lets her voice ROAR so all becomes quiet. The ROAR wakes the sleepy eyes and grabs all students to advert their eyes to the person who made this ROAR. Everyone sits quietly like the ROAR has taken everyone's voices. She goes back to reading in her painful monotone voice, heavy eyes fall again and small murmur's rise in the troublesome corner. Normalcy restores, I write, the clock tics in its harsh slow manner, the plain voice drones on....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I do in school.

  So I have been working on this Vector Illustration project for about a month...and I finally finished it. I think it was the proudest moment of my life!!! So of course I'm putting it on my Blog!! Hope you guys like it!!

 P.s...Thanks for the people who gave me challenges..I'm gunna work on them this week and have them up soon as I can..

P.s. P.s ...I'm in the process of moving so my blogs might be small or none existent...but I'll try my hardest to get them up!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Infamous Smileys

The Infamous Smileys have taken over...Well taken over the place I was photographing...haha Enjoy(:
Oh if you guys have any challenges for me. Like a theme for taking photos please tell me. I'm up for challenges and think they are fun!! Oh Oooohhh OoOoOhHhH..How I love challenges!! 

P.s...This post makes me smile!! How about you?(:

Monday, November 1, 2010


The day after Halloween...I think it should be a holiday because NO kid wants to go to school the day after Halloween. Also I'm pretty sure that adults feel the same way. I know I didn't wanna go to school..not at all and my teachers they didn't even try to teach today because they knew that all the students are not gunna pay attention to what they have to say because they are to tired to even function. So I call out to Obama and ask ..Can you make the day after Halloween a holiday...you can call it Post-Halloween be a lazy ass and do nothing day! Hey maybe cover it up and make it like Cat-Furball awareness day just as long as we get out of school. Please and Thank you(:
  Oh and now some photos for your entertainment!!
Pandora Plants!! Still don't know the name of these things but I love them!!...also to lazy to look them up to figure out their real name. :P

I walked threw that pathway...and managed not to get muddy..GO ME!!

Meet the most chillest cat ever..My cat Otro or Gimpy(She has a chicken wing arm but she is still beastly :P)