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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Second Post in one day this is how happy I am. Now the reason I am happy is because my father is letting me borrow his camera. It isn't that good but hey its still a CAMERA!! So I was so geeked up about it that I took some shots from inside my room!! Here they are...EEEEKKK!!!! (((((:
This one actually taken at my dads when I tested out the camera but I decided to put it in here still.

Love this guy. I got him in a McDonald's kids order. Then my friends and I decided to vandalize him. But I think he looks better with a awesome mustache anyways! XP 

My dad gave me this pumpkin and I thought it looked sorta cool.

The pumpkin creeps into the night...0_o..BEWARE!! ..Yah I'm weird I know...


  1. Big fan of Stash 3PO. BTW...made you blog of the day.

  2. cool shots the second one is interesting

  3. Pumpkins are cool. It's sad that I don't have pumpkins for Halloween. =[

    PS: Did you un-follow me? But I saw your comment on my most recent post. Hmmm... another reason to be sad this Halloween. =[

  4. Wonderful pics man. Love em. Also, C3PO will never look the same again. He was made for taming a 'stache such as that.