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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lots Lots of Pictures!

Love this photo. Took it while walking on a bridge at sunset....one of the most beautiful sights ever...I wanted to stand there and take a gazillion photos but my friends were complaining that I was taking to long :/

See the leaves resemble normal...the pink flower resembles me(:

Laid down in yucky mud rock things to take this.

My backyard(:

The sun is sneaking in through the leaves haha.

I think I'm in love with sun rays and how they hit the camera.

I dare you to guess what this is a picture of.

The so called river.
     I have soooo many pictures I wanted to post today this weekend I got so many cool photos but I think I'll save them for the week when I'm lazy haha. Oh and my Halloween post looks like a good one!! Hmm I'll give you a preview.
I think carving pumpkins should be my full time job XP!!


  1. I'm guessing that's a raindrop but I'm probably completely off
    Looking forward to the halloween pictures, hopefully i'll get some up too :D

  2. I like your backyard, but it is a great set of photos.
    I like it, you got a new follower.