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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I have been missing...

So I have told you that I moved which has caused more trouble then I thought...
I am serverly mad because...
-My ankle got messed up
-My computer broke down
-All I have eaten for the last 2 days was pizza.
I havent been in the greatest of moods for the last couple days and unable to read post and barley able to write post(this current post is being done on my phone). I'll try to put post up but its quite a hassle doing it on my phone if you wanna contact me because you can't handle not being able to read my fantastic posts everyday just e-mail me(my e-mail should be posted on the side) I'll check it on my phone(: hopefully my mom will take my computer in to get fixed as soon as possible.
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  1. >All I have eaten for the last 2 days was pizza.

    I would not mind this at all.

  2. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you