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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hmm...I'm bad at making intriguing titles..

Sooo....Christmas is coming up I realized this when I walked into Target and they were shoving Christmas down my throat. Soo...I started to think what to get my friends...I had $20 in my pocket and was sitting in front of a craft store...so I let my imagination flow....this is what I thought of. :D
His name is Leroy...now I just need to make 17 more :P


  1. Are you make a run for it when you execute this ingenious plan :)

  2. that's really creative! Making gifts is better than just giving something boring!

  3. It's adorable :D
    Better than what I could do, lol. Crafts aren't my strong point :x

  4. Santa's watching... I hope he's not always watching.