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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bleep Bloop...

I haven't been posting a lot lately and I'm deeply sorry...Have been really busy and it sucks but I think I should go back to normal soon...like by Monday should be back to one a day post...but today I thought I'll make a decent post because I have some time. Here are some photos I took last night.

Can anyone explain why my water is green.....

Took this in a car going up a parking garage haha.

Cold Cold Cold...it was very cold...

Where I was when filming. It was cold...

The stairs were well lit...

Haha Ferris Wheel with no seats...kinda useless if you ask me.

Guess what we were doing in front of the arcade :P

I wanted to go inside but it was closed </3
  P.s...Sorry I haven't but up any of the ones that you gave me. I seriously found the perfect place to do shadows but I left my camera in the car...I'm cool....


  1. That water is the hulk's piss lol.

  2. are you cooking some sort of wiches brew there?

  3. Posting filler shouldn't be too hard. You've got a camera!

  4. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one