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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I give up on titles...Tiger!

Soo...I have a phone that is Andriod Market capable which means I love spending my cold afternoons going through all these countless apps.Till I find one that catches my attention. Most likely a free one that involves twisting your photos out of porportion . Like the one I took here...not so much twisted but a little tweaked to make it look cool (:
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  1. sprite is the only good soda! :D
    and I'm actually terrible at blogging, i just close my eyes and type whatever comes to mind

    ...unless that's actually how blogging works, and if that's the case I'M THE BEST BLOGGER ON THIS SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI

  2. Upside-down bottle of Sprite? Neat job.

  3. Great post! You should take a look at my newest post, its about a good AdSense alternative.

  4. coooool

    i need a cool new phone, mine has gotten boring