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Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Turn.

I wanna know more about you.So I'm gunna ask you 10 vital questions I must know about you.  Answer these questions in a comment. I'll answer them to!
1.Whats your favorite colour?
2.Whats your favorite type of animal?
3.Whats your favorite sport?
5.Whats your shoe size?
6. If you were stranded on an island with only 2 things what would those things be?
Non-Dying Cell-Phone
Unlimited living supplies
7. Favorite Movie
-Anything that involves something blowing up.
8. What do you want for Christmas(Holidays)?
LapTop Speakers, Clothes, Money, MACBOOK PRO. Camera.
9. Whats your New Years resolution?
-I have no clue yet!
10. Do you have a hobby? If so what is it?
-Yes and taking photos.


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  2. 6. a kindle with every book ever with solar powered batteries, a regularly stocked vegas style buffet

    8. books with pretty covers

    9. to give up new years resolutions

    10. blogging i suppose

    I'd answer the other ones but I'm horrible at picking favorite things. I really have commitment issues, I can't even commit to a favorite color.

  3. Maddy! First of all, I want to thank you for greeting me on my birthday, which was like, a long time ago already. But yeah, thanks. Your big simple happy birthday greeting really put a smile on my face. So yeah, thanks. =]

    Now this one!

    1. White (Don't be such a downer by telling me it's not a color!)
    2. Birds
    3. Is dodgeball a sport?
    4. Pasta and pizza!
    5. 11 and 1/2
    6. eh!
    7. . . .
    8. A new laptop!
    9. Never be late for school. =|
    10. Yes? Reading and writing and blogging?