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Monday, December 20, 2010

Some pictures!! Omg so excited XD!!

Mr.Snowman?...I found him haha

Don't ask me how I got that sign..

A part of my hallway wall :D!!

Don't look at me...Dig my awesome camera...

Another part of my wall!!

My Rubber Band ball...its bigger now and not so blue and red.

I wear my converse G-Status hahaha

You can see the rain :D :D!!

Army Man Down Army man down!!!!

Nom Nom Nom...Love Airheads...but ABBA ZABAS are my all time fav-o-fav!!

Got some more pictures up been super lazy lately...hopefully gunna get more on Christmas break...well "winter"break..that's what my school is forced to call it. Hope you like the pictures :D!


  1. Nice camera. Looks way beyond my technical skills.

  2. Cool close ups, I hope you had a good christmas!