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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have been thinking...

  I have been thinking...I have always wanted a Pen Pal...doesn't it sound fun mailing this person super far away and getting to know him or her...Idk if I'm just weird or have a great idea going. So my goal for right now is to try to find a legit Pen Pal. Hmm...if anyone has any suggestions tell me because I'm totally up for any!! Oh for those people who don't care whats on my mind and just check my blog for the photos here you go!! Haha. P.s....25 more days till Christmas :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like this photo because I love how it shows the stretch of road along the ocean.

My mother driving haha.


  1. http://www.writeaprisoner.com/

    there's only a 10% chance he'll rape and murder you once he gets out! :D

    Your mom drives like a stereotypical old lady :x so does mine, lol

  2. i love the idea of letter writing, its so old school and cool

    but i never do it

  3. I'd have to agree with Colin. Violent sociopath is the only way to go.

  4. LOL Colin! Also are those pics from Cali? I like the beach one :)

  5. Nice ocean photo, it looks peaceful.
    Good luck on finding a sane penpal.

  6. Looks like the PCH?

    But I like this blog so far. I noticed you like the Arctic Monkeys on your profile. i'm a huge fan as well.

  7. Penpals are fun but only if both sides actually maintain the sending of letters.

    Kind of hard to find someone else willing to do that.

  8. great background you have here!